Post Covid, Has Our Palate Changed?

Post Covid, Has Our Palate Changed?


For some people coming out of the affects of the covid virous have seen a lost in taste, as I’m not a doctor I really can’t say when your taste buds will return, I just know some friends have noticed theirs returning slowly. But this is not what I’m talking about. With so many of you ordering wines online during the lockdown, I have noticed that more often than not, some of you have ordered wines you wouldn’t normally choose. I think being able not have to drive anywhere after drinking, joining us during our weekly lock down tastings or simply finding you get more value for money by purchasing a bottle than ordering a glass has made you take the risk of trying something new. Which is great! as I always say “the best way to learn about wine is to taste it”

There is such a world of wine out there to taste and I have only managed to bring a pinch of them to Gibraltar, I wish I could bring a lot more for you to try, I will with time, but you guys have, and I’m going with my most popular orders, gone more for the Italians and new world wines, especially the Argentinean and South Africans. Yes, you’ll get a couple of Spanish wines in your order but more and more international wines are going out the door.

The reason why you have gone for these type of wines, might be a personal choice, but I think, taste-wise, they have similar notes of what you’re use to drinking. With the Argentineans you get that full-bodied character with smooth finish, most Ribera del Duero lovers have gone for this type of wine. Whereas Rioja and Toro fans have gone for South African Shiraz blend and Californian Cabernets. Both fans have really liked the Amarone della Valpolicella wines from Italy and those that like their softer Crianza wines have really loved the Valpolicella Ripassos, and I mean really loved this wine!

With whites it’s been a bit different, a lot of what I thought were sweet wine lovers, started to order Pinot Grigios, Chenin Blancs, Prosecco and even Chardonnay is back in fashion. I suppose as we mature our taste-buds change, or it’s that and I suppose knowing sweet wines are more fattening than any other wine has seen all the “lockdown athletes” watch what they’re drinking.

French wine lovers haven’t changed much, for them trying to find a wine that is similar to what they are use to is difficult, and I totally agree, the style and way a French wine is made is just that little bit more elegant. However, South of France wines have, and still, doing really well with Ribera de Duero fans.

So to answer the question “has our palate changed?” yes, I believe it has. Whatever wine you are a fan of or swear by, because I know there are a lot of family members that will convince you that the wine they usually drink is the best, just remember, the book of taste is still to be written, taste, taste and taste again, then drink and enjoy. I believe there is a wine for everyone, everyone that wants that is.

Enjoy your wine tastings.

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