Brunelli Campo del Maestro


Blend of 9 grapes (8 indigenous varieties + 1 international variety),
Corvina Veronese 40%, Oseleta 20%, Rondinella 5%, Negrara 5%, Corvinone 10%, Croatina 5%, Forselina 5%, Dindarella 5%, Cabernet Franc 10%.

This “cru” is dedicated the grape Master, who managed this vineyard in the past, with loving care. It is the result of the wise combination of the main indigenous grapes of Verona, which are handpicked and selected according to the best maturation time for each single variety. Its seducing mellowness and the bouquet of red and wild berries, nutmeg and spices make is ideal with grilled meats, roasts, game or medium-aged cheeses.

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