Easter weekend survival case


1 Art de Vivre Blanc – perfect for those fish dishes on Good Friday

1 Art de Vivre Rouge – Just an easy drinking red to relax with.

1 Altos Valdoso Crianza – to have with all the nibbles

1 Manos Negras Malbec – for the BBQ

1 Koelenhof Cellar Pinotage – perfect to have with your Easter eggs

1 Piquitos Moscato – Incase granny comes round

1 Gutierrez Colosia Fino – Para esos caracoles y torta de acelga!

1 pk Montesierra Jamon Bellota

1 pk Montesierra Chorizo Bellota

1 Montesierra Cured Cheese

1 Montesierra Paté Iberico

1 pk Noble best Blue cheese biscuits